About the DinDins Team.

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Welcome to DinDins, our journey started with two friends; Rich & Tim simply looking to provide the best possible food for their own dogs.

Frustrated by the lack of suitable options for our picky eaters and dissatisfied with the quality of available products, we embarked (no pun intended) on a mission to create something exceptional of our own dogs.

In the early days, our kitchen was Rich's lounge, where we passionately crafted our recipes that not only appeased the fussiest of eaters but also addressed the importance of a dogs health. Seeing a huge change in our furry friends only fueled our commitment to offer a better, healthier and tastier alternative to conventional dog food.

Today, we take pride in producing high-quality, nutritious, delicious food, that goes beyond meeting basic nutritional needs. Our commitment to excellence goes so far as to ensure we taste-test every recipe ourselves before it reaches your dog's bowl.

At DinDins, we believe in providing a complete meal experience for your  companions, because they deserve nothing but the best, and we aim to give them just that. Food that is not only healthy but also delicious, leaving them satisfied and excited for the next time they hear "DinDins!"

Rich & Tim