What's right for your Dog?

Owning a dog can be hectic sometimes, so here at DinDins we've kept things simple.

We have 3 meal plans for you, with a variety of flavours that your pup will love!

  • The Small One

    Ideal for small dogs from 1 to 10kg or those wanting to use our food in combination with your other food.

  • The Medium One

    Our most common option, this is the ideal meal plan for dogs between 10-15kg or those with big dogs wanting to mix with their regular food.

  • The Large One

    Great for those larger dogs of 15kg+ who need big portions. Or those with multiple doggy mouths to feed!

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What is in the box?

We want you to have the say of whats in your box so here are the options:

Our variety box is made up of a mix of all our dishes to keep you dog excited and interest in what is next.  

Our chicken box is just that made up of only our chicken dish which is ideal for those on a diet and those you have a delicate stomach this will give them everything they need but still keep them happy and settled

Our Porkless box is a mix of all the flavors just without pork as we know many people choose to exclude pork and we want to give you that choice.

Our Chickenless box is a poultry free option for those dogs who have an allergy to poultry as we know many do and rest assured knowing the other dishes are completely chicken free.