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Can I feed Din Dins products everyday, indefinitely?

Yes, all our supplements have been formulated to work in balance with your pet’s diet, bursting with the important nutritional elements that your dog or cat may be missing from packaged processed food.

Can I feed Din Dins products to my pregnant cat or dog?

You can feed your pregnant cat or dog Wickedly Raw Superfoods however always consult your vet. Get Up And Go Glucosamine may not be suitable during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by your vet.

Can I give my pet several Din Dins products in the same meal at the same time?

Yes, however don’t overload your pet’s meal with supplements but spread the recommended dosage across meals.

Will my cat or dog take this supplement with ease? What if my cat or dog won’t eat the supplement?

Our supplements passed the taste test with almost every cat or dog that tried them. We have added extra Seagreens© to our supplements as the natural fishy taste is more appealing to your pet’s taste buds. However tips for fussier eaters are to add the supplement to moist food, as you can mix it in well and if you feed dry food then add a little filtered water to moisten.

Will Wickedly Raw Superfoods imbalance the nutrition of my current cat/dog food?

All our formulations are carefully balanced, so the values are never too high to imbalance your pet food.

Can I feed Wickedly Raw Superfoods to my cat or dog whilst on veterinary medication?

Yes, but always consult your vet first if your pet is on medication.

My dog/cat is taking antibiotics and/or steroids prescribed by my vet, should I wait for the course to finish before using your products?

We recommend you continue to use Wickedly Raw Superfoods, as it will help restore bacterial balance in the gut and support the body under stress.

What does the probiotic in Wickedly Raw Superfoods for dogs do?

Probiotics are the ‘healthy’ bacteria in the gut, helping with digestion disturbances such as flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, food intolerances and also helps to support the immune system. Research shows that Enterococcus Faecium discourages bacterial, fungal and parasitic growth in the gut.

Can I give give Wickedly Raw Superfoods to my cat or dog with thyroid issues?

It depends on what thyroid issue they have. Wickedly Raw Superfoods contains Seagreens© that helps in Hypothyroidism (underactive) but is contraindicated in Hyperthyroidism (overactive).

How long will it take for Get Up And Go Glucosamine to work?

This product may take a while to show effects. Sometimes up to 3 months but usually 2-3 weeks.

Can I give Get Up And Go Glucosamine whilst my dog is on steroids?

Seek the advice of a vet. In this instance you may find Wickedly Raw Superfoods more suitable although we have owners who do use Get Up and Go Glucosamine safely whilst also giving steroids.

Can I give Get Up And Go Glucosamine for dogs to my cat?

Yes you can. Get Up and Go Glucosamine is safe and effective for your cat too. We simply found joint problems to be more prevalent in dogs. An average cat would only require half a level scoop per day.

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