Why choose Din Dins pet supplements

Cat and Dog Anatomy

A cat and dog’s anatomy is designed to eat raw food. A dog has sharp incisors, a short digestive tract to tolerate the bacteria from raw meat and the ability to gnaw bones for oral health and nutrition.

Dogs and cats have relatively small pancreases and so require the enzymes from natural, raw foods to breakdown food and support the immune system.

All dogs are opportunistic omnivores as they can tolerate grains in small quantities but ideally gluten free such as quinoa, millet, rice or old age grains such as spelt and amaranth.

Cats, however, are known as obligate carnivores so really only need meat, although you’ll find added vegetables and fruit into some of our cat products as they too are beneficial to health.

When dogs and cats first became domesticated they would still hunt and were commonly fed raw foods and leftovers. Then came the fifties, pop culture, mass advertising and TV dinners – the start of the age of convenience and the growth of commercial pet food.