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Paws and rewind

With everyone still talking about the Oscars it got us thinking about on screen portrayals of the canine kind.
It goes without saying that we love our pet pooches, and throughout the years we’ve also found ourselves smitten over a few of the on-screen kind. Just like our real-life four-legged friends, these fictional pooches have provided some memorable moments making us laugh, squeal, cry and everything in between. So, we’ve put together a list of our favourite dog movies (in no particular order)…


Lady and The Tramp

You can’t think of dog movies without mentioning ‘Lady and The Tramp’. Released nearly 60 years ago, the tale about Lady the classy American Cocker Spaniel and her romance with male stray mutt, Tramp is a timeless classic. Plus, the iconic spaghetti eating kiss scene gets us every time (although we wouldn’t recommend serving up pasta for your dog’s dinner).




Big, burly St. Bernard Beethoven is the slobbering but lovable objection of our affection in this comedy caper. Like most large dogs, he makes his presence felt around the family home –breaking objects, stealing all the attention and generally causing chaos. But in true Hollywood style Beethoven soon wins over his grumpy owner George. Altogether now….  Awww.



Turner & Hooch

If there’s one film that brings together humour and man’s best friend, it’s ‘Turner & Hooch’. Whether it’s watching Tom Hanks’ obsessively neat police investigator, Scott Turner squirm at the antics of the rather cumbersome and drooly, Hooch or watching the adorable pooch play matchmaker, ‘Turner & Hooch’ will have you captivated.


Sex & The City: The Movie

When it comes to SATC the first thing that usually comes to mind is New York living, romance, high fashion, friendship and of course, sex. But for us the real star of the movie has to be Samantha’s highly-sexed Yorkie, Baby. Birds of a feather, eh?


Marley & Me

There aren’t many pet-related films that will have you chuckling with laughter one minute and reaching for a box of tissues the next. Filled with hilarious scenes like Marley being let loose at the beach or dancing with Jennifer Aniston, Marley & Me is our personal favourite but it’s always guaranteed to leaves us in tears in the end.

There’s so many great dog movies, we couldn’t list them all, we’d love to hear yours so why not tweet us or post a comment below and we can add them to the list!