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How to pet-proof your home

With the obligatory spring clean around the corner, you’ll probably be jazzing up your home in time for the warm months ahead. But before you rush down to your local DIY megastore, just remember that whilst it feels great to grab the latest must-haves, you’re home décor has to be pet-friendly too. So we thought we’d share some tips on how to do just that…


Lock away household chemicals

Most everyday chemicals found around the house can be harmful to pets, keep products like bleach, rodent poison, detergent, medication, fabric softener sheets out of reach of your beloved pet.

Unplug electrics

We all know that our four-legged friends love to chew almost anything, so stow away electrical cables when they’re not in use or place them in a cord protector to prevent any fatal accidents.


Choose your plants carefully

Did you know that many common houseplants can be dangerous to our furry friends? So, when choosing plants to decorate your home be sure that they aren’t toxic to your pet. Avoid species such as hyacinths, philodendrons and dieffenbachia (commonly known as the Mother-in-Law plant). Instead, opt for bamboo, button fern or ponytail palm among others.

Keep a lid on the toilet

How often have you come home to find your pup or kitten face down in the toilet?  Unfortunately toilet bowls are usually full of all sorts of harmful chemicals, so to stop your pet from having a snoop, always make sure the lid is down and the toilet door is securely closed. You can also buy a toilet lid lock for extra security.


Provide suitable toys

There’s nothing worse than finding your favourite pair of shoes chomped to bits, however chewing is a necessity for cats and dogs. To ensure your pet leaves your shoes and other household objects alone, pick up pet-friendly toys from your local pet shop and remember, never give them bones, old shoes, wood or childrens’ toys as this can be dangerous to their health and can cause choking.


Beware of claws!

We’ve all fallen foul of an angry kitty in our time, with a nice row of claw marks as a reminder to beware an overly playful cat. But it’s not just people who can be marked by claws, with furniture often bearing the brunt of a bored pet. A good scratching post is guaranteed to divert your moggy’s attention away from your sofa, or you can check your pet’s claws and clip them if necessary. Make sure you don’t clip them down too far as this can cause infection, if you’re unsure see a pet groomer or your vet.


We’re sure that you’ve got some great pet-proofing tips, and we’d love to hear them. Why not post a comment below and we can add them to the list!