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How obedient is your dog?

A well trained dog is imperative when it comes to a happy relationship with your canine chum. After all, if your dog is forever chewing the furniture, peeing on your rug and unfriendly to other dogs or humans then chances are you might get a touch frustrated from time to time.

Of course it is easier to train your dog as a puppy, but might be a bit more challenging if get your dog as an adult or through a rescue service, which we always encourage with so many homeless dogs.

Din Dins friend Louise Glazebrook owner of the Darling Dog Company offers excellent training and behavior classes specially designed for puppies, adult dogs and rescue dogs.

Louise says – “Many people feel sorry for a dog and so become intent on adopting that dog. When you are thinking of taking on a second hand dog you must look for the right one to fit your lifestyle, in exactly the same way you do with a puppy. You must also make sure you are talking to reputable rescue centres and not scouring sites such as Gumtree“

If you are thinking of taking on a rescue dog then Louise offers “Rescue Recommendation” assistance to help you make sure that your sympathy doesn’t overwhelm your logic, ensuring that you don’t take on more than you can chew.

If you have doubts on how obedient your dog is you can answer this quick quiz from A Place for Paws. If you find yourself answering false too much, maybe obedience classes are for you and your dog.