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5 ways to enjoy the sun with your pet

After a winter that seemed to do nothing but pour with rain and howl with wind people are understandably keen to get out there and start enjoying this weather. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than to snap on the lead and run wild with your furry pal. So here’s our suggestions of the top 5 ways to enjoy the sun with your canine companion.


A trip to the beach

The excitement, running in the surf, jumping in the sea and rolling in the sand. And that’s just us! Dogs love going to the beach almost as much as we do, but be sure to check your destination is dog friendly in advance as not all beaches allow dogs. Most local councils will have information on their website for each beach and what they do and don’t allow.


While the beach is a great day out, there have been a few reports lately of dogs eating palm oil washed up on beaches on the south coast. Palm oil can be fatal to dogs, so please do be aware of what your dog has got it’s face into.


A long walk in the country

A sunny day, a picnic lunch and a happy dog all equal a great day out. There are many great walks to enjoy with your dog, and surely everyone is just that little bit happier when you can let your dog off the lead to run around and sniff everything in reach.  Dog friendly Britain allow you to search for “off the lead walks” by location. Check out its website here.


A pub lunch

The great British pub garden is an ideal place to soak up the sun, enjoy some lunch and maybe have a nice chilled glass of wine. Again, not all pubs are dog friendly so do be sure to check in advance. Not to mention, not all dogs are pub friendly so be sure to consider the temperament of your companion with lots of people around.


Take to the garden

There’s something to be said for keeping things simple in the garden or your local park. A garden sprinkler or paddling pool is a great investment and lets your dog cool off like we did when we were kids.



It’s not just us who can cool off with a delicious ice-cold snack in summer. By freezing dog friendly veggies like green beans and squash you have a healthy snack that is healthy, cooling and you can both enjoy!