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Roses are red, Violets are blue…

We know Valentine’s Day is not strictly for pets but people – but what the heck, we adore our pets and any excuse to spoil them.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite pet prezzies to celebrate the day of love with our furry friends.

1) Personalised Pet Illustration

Nothing demonstrates love more than an everlasting gesture. We love this charming bespoke illustration created by graphic designer Wendy Harrison. Available from Letter Fest, £35.

2) Organic Catnip

Cats go crazy for catnip, so spread the love by bestowing your beloved feline with this kitty treat. Use it on its own or refill his/her favourite toy – it’s guaranteed to drive them wild. Available from Mungo & Maud, £9.

3) Dog Cave Bed

For the pampered pooch, there’s no reason sleep should be anything less than stylish with The Dog Cave Bed. Designed with comfort in mind, not only does it look great indoors but it’s fully recyclable and versatile enough for use in the garden. Available from Guisapet, from £62.50

4) Eco Cat Hamper

Treat your kitty with a medley of eco-friendly goodies. The EcoKitty Ultimate Hamper comes wrapped in a beautiful recycled cardboard playhouse and contains everything from a hand-felted ball to organic handcrafted cushions – there’s even a catnip bow tie and eco bowl! Available from EcoKitty, £28.99.

5) Din Din’s Wickedly Raw Superfoods

An apple a day! We believe there’s no better gift than good health and with our Wickedly Raw Superfoods supplement, you’ll make sure your pets gets their five a day. Cranberry apple, flaxseed and seagreens loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are some of the tasty and healthy ingredients in this little pot, all carefully sourced by our very own Pet Nutritionist.

If you’re dining ‘a deux’ with your pet, just add a sprinkling over their meal – they’ll love you forever.

For a chance to win some of our Wickedly Raw Superfoods supplement, send us a favourite photo of your pet and tell us why you love them. You can tweet us at @DinDinsPets or send an email to hello@dindins.co.uk