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Catnaps: why do cats love to sleep?

You’d easily be forgiven for thinking that our feline friends were among the laziest animals on earth considering their excessive sleeping habits, however there’s more to a cap nap than meets the eye.


Whilst it’s common for cats to sleep 12-16 hours per day, an amazing 200% more than us humans, their infamous sleeping pattern is very much linked to their need to conserve energy in their natural role as predators, hunting for birds, rodents and insects.


Cats are active during twilight hours by nature, so their tendency to clock up sleep during the day makes quite a bit of sense – there’s no point prowling for prey when it’s nowhere to be found. Let’s not forget, hunting down an unlucky mouse or even a catnip-filled delight makes for rather strenuous work, believe it or not, and even the most domesticated of cats will need to preserve energy.


Interestingly, in a similar fashion to us, cats display both light and deep sleep patterns. As a result, our beloved moggies may even possess the ability to dream. However, unlike us they don’t sleep deeply throughout their 16 hours of shut-eye but instead enjoy a proverbial catnap due to their innate predatory nature and the need to be on high alert.


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