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A dog friendly home

Did you know that some household items like
certain plants and foods are toxic to dogs?
We came across these tips from Sainsburys on keeping your dog safe at home.
To view the infographic in full,
click on the image below and it will open in a new window.

5 ways to enjoy the sun with your pet

After a winter that seemed to do nothing but pour with rain and howl with wind people are understandably keen to get out there and start enjoying this weather. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than to snap on the lead and run wild with your furry pal. So here’s our suggestions of the top 5 ways to enjoy the sun with your canine companion.


A trip to the beach

The excitement, running in the surf, jumping in the sea and rolling in the sand. And that’s just us! Dogs love going to the beach almost as much as we do, but be sure to check your destination is dog friendly in advance as not all beaches allow dogs. Most local councils will have information on their website for each beach and what they do and don’t allow.


While the beach is a great day out, there have been a few reports lately of dogs eating palm oil washed up on beaches on the south coast. Palm oil can be fatal to dogs, so please do be aware of what your dog has got it’s face into.


A long walk in the country

A sunny day, a picnic lunch and a happy dog all equal a great day out. There are many great walks to enjoy with your dog, and surely everyone is just that little bit happier when you can let your dog off the lead to run around and sniff everything in reach.  Dog friendly Britain allow you to search for “off the lead walks” by location. Check out its website here.


A pub lunch

The great British pub garden is an ideal place to soak up the sun, enjoy some lunch and maybe have a nice chilled glass of wine. Again, not all pubs are dog friendly so do be sure to check in advance. Not to mention, not all dogs are pub friendly so be sure to consider the temperament of your companion with lots of people around.


Take to the garden

There’s something to be said for keeping things simple in the garden or your local park. A garden sprinkler or paddling pool is a great investment and lets your dog cool off like we did when we were kids.



It’s not just us who can cool off with a delicious ice-cold snack in summer. By freezing dog friendly veggies like green beans and squash you have a healthy snack that is healthy, cooling and you can both enjoy!

How to pet-proof your home

With the obligatory spring clean around the corner, you’ll probably be jazzing up your home in time for the warm months ahead. But before you rush down to your local DIY megastore, just remember that whilst it feels great to grab the latest must-haves, you’re home décor has to be pet-friendly too. So we thought we’d share some tips on how to do just that…


Lock away household chemicals

Most everyday chemicals found around the house can be harmful to pets, keep products like bleach, rodent poison, detergent, medication, fabric softener sheets out of reach of your beloved pet.

Unplug electrics

We all know that our four-legged friends love to chew almost anything, so stow away electrical cables when they’re not in use or place them in a cord protector to prevent any fatal accidents.


Choose your plants carefully

Did you know that many common houseplants can be dangerous to our furry friends? So, when choosing plants to decorate your home be sure that they aren’t toxic to your pet. Avoid species such as hyacinths, philodendrons and dieffenbachia (commonly known as the Mother-in-Law plant). Instead, opt for bamboo, button fern or ponytail palm among others.

Keep a lid on the toilet

How often have you come home to find your pup or kitten face down in the toilet?  Unfortunately toilet bowls are usually full of all sorts of harmful chemicals, so to stop your pet from having a snoop, always make sure the lid is down and the toilet door is securely closed. You can also buy a toilet lid lock for extra security.


Provide suitable toys

There’s nothing worse than finding your favourite pair of shoes chomped to bits, however chewing is a necessity for cats and dogs. To ensure your pet leaves your shoes and other household objects alone, pick up pet-friendly toys from your local pet shop and remember, never give them bones, old shoes, wood or childrens’ toys as this can be dangerous to their health and can cause choking.


Beware of claws!

We’ve all fallen foul of an angry kitty in our time, with a nice row of claw marks as a reminder to beware an overly playful cat. But it’s not just people who can be marked by claws, with furniture often bearing the brunt of a bored pet. A good scratching post is guaranteed to divert your moggy’s attention away from your sofa, or you can check your pet’s claws and clip them if necessary. Make sure you don’t clip them down too far as this can cause infection, if you’re unsure see a pet groomer or your vet.


We’re sure that you’ve got some great pet-proofing tips, and we’d love to hear them. Why not post a comment below and we can add them to the list!





Paws and rewind

With everyone still talking about the Oscars it got us thinking about on screen portrayals of the canine kind.
It goes without saying that we love our pet pooches, and throughout the years we’ve also found ourselves smitten over a few of the on-screen kind. Just like our real-life four-legged friends, these fictional pooches have provided some memorable moments making us laugh, squeal, cry and everything in between. So, we’ve put together a list of our favourite dog movies (in no particular order)…


Lady and The Tramp

You can’t think of dog movies without mentioning ‘Lady and The Tramp’. Released nearly 60 years ago, the tale about Lady the classy American Cocker Spaniel and her romance with male stray mutt, Tramp is a timeless classic. Plus, the iconic spaghetti eating kiss scene gets us every time (although we wouldn’t recommend serving up pasta for your dog’s dinner).




Big, burly St. Bernard Beethoven is the slobbering but lovable objection of our affection in this comedy caper. Like most large dogs, he makes his presence felt around the family home –breaking objects, stealing all the attention and generally causing chaos. But in true Hollywood style Beethoven soon wins over his grumpy owner George. Altogether now….  Awww.



Turner & Hooch

If there’s one film that brings together humour and man’s best friend, it’s ‘Turner & Hooch’. Whether it’s watching Tom Hanks’ obsessively neat police investigator, Scott Turner squirm at the antics of the rather cumbersome and drooly, Hooch or watching the adorable pooch play matchmaker, ‘Turner & Hooch’ will have you captivated.


Sex & The City: The Movie

When it comes to SATC the first thing that usually comes to mind is New York living, romance, high fashion, friendship and of course, sex. But for us the real star of the movie has to be Samantha’s highly-sexed Yorkie, Baby. Birds of a feather, eh?


Marley & Me

There aren’t many pet-related films that will have you chuckling with laughter one minute and reaching for a box of tissues the next. Filled with hilarious scenes like Marley being let loose at the beach or dancing with Jennifer Aniston, Marley & Me is our personal favourite but it’s always guaranteed to leaves us in tears in the end.

There’s so many great dog movies, we couldn’t list them all, we’d love to hear yours so why not tweet us or post a comment below and we can add them to the list!


How obedient is your dog?

A well trained dog is imperative when it comes to a happy relationship with your canine chum. After all, if your dog is forever chewing the furniture, peeing on your rug and unfriendly to other dogs or humans then chances are you might get a touch frustrated from time to time.

Of course it is easier to train your dog as a puppy, but might be a bit more challenging if get your dog as an adult or through a rescue service, which we always encourage with so many homeless dogs.

Din Dins friend Louise Glazebrook owner of the Darling Dog Company offers excellent training and behavior classes specially designed for puppies, adult dogs and rescue dogs.

Louise says – “Many people feel sorry for a dog and so become intent on adopting that dog. When you are thinking of taking on a second hand dog you must look for the right one to fit your lifestyle, in exactly the same way you do with a puppy. You must also make sure you are talking to reputable rescue centres and not scouring sites such as Gumtree“

If you are thinking of taking on a rescue dog then Louise offers “Rescue Recommendation” assistance to help you make sure that your sympathy doesn’t overwhelm your logic, ensuring that you don’t take on more than you can chew.

If you have doubts on how obedient your dog is you can answer this quick quiz from A Place for Paws. If you find yourself answering false too much, maybe obedience classes are for you and your dog.


The Adventures of Joe and Pearl – Breakfast at Pearly’s

This weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with my fuzzy little friend Pearl the Toy Poodle. Although, after this haircut she can barely be described as fuzzy anymore!

I’m not the biggest fan of the extreme haircut, but the thing with Poodles is that they have hair rather than fur, and this takes a lot more maintenance. Not to mention when her hair is longer and she gets caught in the rain this is the result…

As you can see that is far from a happy dog. So regular haircuts are necessary to stop her coat getting matted and dirty, while also keeping her fringe out of her eyes, while her daily serving of Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods keeps her coat shiny and healthy. In the summer months she definitely benefits from the lighter coat being cooler, and in the winter months she has a practical and stylish Barbour jacket to help combat the elements.

Our Saturday was a causal one, starting with a great breakfast at the dog friendly Stories on Broadway Market, followed by a wander around London Fields in the unseasonable sunshine. Overall, a great way to spend a Saturday!

Catnaps: why do cats love to sleep?

You’d easily be forgiven for thinking that our feline friends were among the laziest animals on earth considering their excessive sleeping habits, however there’s more to a cap nap than meets the eye.


Whilst it’s common for cats to sleep 12-16 hours per day, an amazing 200% more than us humans, their infamous sleeping pattern is very much linked to their need to conserve energy in their natural role as predators, hunting for birds, rodents and insects.


Cats are active during twilight hours by nature, so their tendency to clock up sleep during the day makes quite a bit of sense – there’s no point prowling for prey when it’s nowhere to be found. Let’s not forget, hunting down an unlucky mouse or even a catnip-filled delight makes for rather strenuous work, believe it or not, and even the most domesticated of cats will need to preserve energy.


Interestingly, in a similar fashion to us, cats display both light and deep sleep patterns. As a result, our beloved moggies may even possess the ability to dream. However, unlike us they don’t sleep deeply throughout their 16 hours of shut-eye but instead enjoy a proverbial catnap due to their innate predatory nature and the need to be on high alert.


On the off chance you have an insomniac cat our Wickedly Raw Superfood supplement is high in Taurine, which is good for mind, calming and anxiety.

We are hiring – Part time Training and Sales position

Do you have a keen interest in health, nutrition and love sales as much as animals? Then a job at Din Dins could be for you!

We are looking for a dynamic sales person to join our team part-time, working with us on developing sales and introducing a new product into our range. Candidates must be impressive self-starters, enthusiastic and demonstrate initiative.

If you think you could be the right person to join our team, read the full job specification here > Part time Training and Sales position

Roses are red, Violets are blue…

We know Valentine’s Day is not strictly for pets but people – but what the heck, we adore our pets and any excuse to spoil them.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite pet prezzies to celebrate the day of love with our furry friends.

1) Personalised Pet Illustration

Nothing demonstrates love more than an everlasting gesture. We love this charming bespoke illustration created by graphic designer Wendy Harrison. Available from Letter Fest, £35.

2) Organic Catnip

Cats go crazy for catnip, so spread the love by bestowing your beloved feline with this kitty treat. Use it on its own or refill his/her favourite toy – it’s guaranteed to drive them wild. Available from Mungo & Maud, £9.

3) Dog Cave Bed

For the pampered pooch, there’s no reason sleep should be anything less than stylish with The Dog Cave Bed. Designed with comfort in mind, not only does it look great indoors but it’s fully recyclable and versatile enough for use in the garden. Available from Guisapet, from £62.50

4) Eco Cat Hamper

Treat your kitty with a medley of eco-friendly goodies. The EcoKitty Ultimate Hamper comes wrapped in a beautiful recycled cardboard playhouse and contains everything from a hand-felted ball to organic handcrafted cushions – there’s even a catnip bow tie and eco bowl! Available from EcoKitty, £28.99.

5) Din Din’s Wickedly Raw Superfoods

An apple a day! We believe there’s no better gift than good health and with our Wickedly Raw Superfoods supplement, you’ll make sure your pets gets their five a day. Cranberry apple, flaxseed and seagreens loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are some of the tasty and healthy ingredients in this little pot, all carefully sourced by our very own Pet Nutritionist.

If you’re dining ‘a deux’ with your pet, just add a sprinkling over their meal – they’ll love you forever.

For a chance to win some of our Wickedly Raw Superfoods supplement, send us a favourite photo of your pet and tell us why you love them. You can tweet us at @DinDinsPets or send an email to hello@dindins.co.uk


Pet Friendly Holiday Fun

Whether you want to bust the January blues or just fancy a little getaway (half term is also around the corner) we thought we’d put together a list of activities and places you can visit that will keep the whole family (and your pooch) happy – win win!

At Din Dins, we love nothing more than a lovely country walk; we’ve picked out some of our faves…

Cudmore Grove County Park – Essex 

Located at the eastern end of Mersea Island, the park includes a sandy beach backed by a large expanse of open grassland, perfect for doggie adventures, with lots of exciting sights and smells for them to get stuck into.

Hindhead Common/ Devil’s Punchbowl – Surrey

This is great walking country with many footpaths to explore. You can wander through shady woods or across open heathland -there’s plenty of space for family adventures and excitable pups are more than welcome.

Dartmore National Park – Devon

Take in Dartmoor’s beautiful scenery with over 450 miles (730km) of public rights of way, there is an abundance of walking routes to suit all abilities (it’s not all uphill!)

After all that fresh air, we wouldn’t blame you if you fancied a stop off for some refreshment… here’s our top pooch friendly pubs…

The King of Diamonds

Address: 1-4 Greville Street, London EC1N 8PQ, Chancery Lane Tel: 020 7405 0999

This very dog-friendly pub is conveniently located right the centre of London, making it a quiet haven in a busy hub of activity. Staff will be happy to greet you and your furry companion.


William IV

Address: Little London Albury Heath Guildford, Little London, GU5 9DG     

Tel: 01483 202685

This great country pub serves home made food and an excellent range of real ales. Well-behaved dogs are especially welcome with many locals bringing their dogs (especially sociable Spaniels and Labradors!)


The Three-Legged Mare

Address: 15A High Petergate, York, Y01 7EN

Tel: 01904 638246

This delightful pub welcomes dogs as soon as they walk through the door, offering them a bowl of water and helping them to feel comfortable.


The Wharf

Address: 6, Slate Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M15 4SW           

Tel: 01612 202960

A lovely spacious pub with a number of perks, not least the impressive drinks selection! Dogs are made welcome here and offered not only a glug of fresh water, but also a few tasty (and healthy) biscuits to chew on.


Blisland Inn

Address: Blisland, Nr Bodmin, PL30 4JF       

This pub is known for its friendly atmosphere and jubilant landlord. Expect a warm welcome and a tasty dog biscuit to make your pup feel at home (and keep them occupied!)


We’re sure there’s plenty more half term holiday fun we’ve not yet discovered – if you’ve got some top tips we would love to hear them, why not post a comment below and we can add them to the list!


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