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A wise person once said “From small acorns grow mighty oaks.”

Our Story

The idea for Din Dins came to Alison Daniel, Pet Nutritionist, one sunny morning in Sydney, 2007. Originally from the (not so sunny) West Midlands, Alison had spent the last few years working as a clinical nutritionist. A mad dog lover, she was fostering dogs and helping out at the local shelter. Some of the dogs were in a right old state. Problems like mange, and skin allergies were common, so she started to think about how she could help these health issues through nutrition.

At the same time she was getting increasingly narked with the poor pet food on the market, piled with junk ingredients that were probably causing lots of the problems in the first place. As a nutritionist she knew, any dog dining solely on processed packaged food couldn’t be good. Every species needs fresh, raw food in their diet right?

Whilst the dogs in Alison’s care were getting healthier, she wanted to improve the diet of even more dogs and cats too. So Alison came up with the idea of creating healthy raw food and nutritional supplements that every pet owner could use, adding the vitality lost in heavily packaged food and helping health issues. She also decided that it was important to make people aware of what was in their pet food, so they could make informed decisions and choose a better packaged pet food or better still have the confidence to feed fresh food.

After returning to London a year later, Alison was having coffee with her friend Keri in Coffee Plant on the Portobello Road, which happens to be the best place to hang out with your dog and serves the best cappuccino in Notting Hill. Alison talked passionately about her idea and Keri was immediately inspired. Keri, also a massive animal lover had been working in brand and PR for the past ten years. She thought that if the products worked and she could get her cat Mimi, the fussiest cat on the planet to eat it, then it sounded like a winner! Going back since secondary school the two best mates, couldn’t think of anything better than joining forces and launching Din Dins together.

The rest as they say is history.

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