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We want to be...

pretty green. We respect our world and we want to do our bit to keep it going. So we will do our best to use sustainable products, recycle, be good neighbours and generally not put too much stress on the environment.


All Din Dins products have been formulated using the finest human grade natural and organic ingredients, approved by our resident vet, Nick Thompson.

All our products are manufactured in the UK with traceable ingredients that strictly adhere to EU guidelines to make sure they have no harmful effects, on human and animal health or the environment.

We have closely worked with the FSA (Food Standards Agency) and DEFRA (Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs).

None of our products have been inhumanely tested on animals.

We are members of The Pet Care Trade Association, the only membership body dedicated to the entire pet specialist sector. We are also members of The Ethical Company Organisation, who have given Din Dins a high score in an overall analysis of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

We support Woodgreen Animal Charity and Daybreaks Greyhound Trust in Birmingham who do an amazing job taking in and re-homing retired greyhounds.